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Preview: The Politics of Immigration 2nd Edition

Google Books now has a limited preview of the second edition of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers, which was released in late May. The preview is searchable; it’s made available by the distributor, New York University Press. Click here to order the book directly from Monthly Review, the publisher

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Coming to the 2017 Left Forum?

Drop by the Monthly Review book tables! Friday, June 2 – Sunday, June 4 John Jay College of Criminal Justice 524 W 59th St, NYC 10019 Pick up discounts on new MRP books, classics, the Monthly Review magazine, the Socialist Register, and Merlin Press books! Attend Monthly Review & Socialist Register panels! Rural Proletarian Revolutions, Oklahoma, and Mexico, 1917 Hannah Holleman, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, John […]

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It’s Out Now!

The second edition of our book is now ready for shipment, and it’s hard to imagine a better time for a concise guide to the realities of the United States’ immigration system. Despite its many difficulties–the Russia investigation, the steady stream of “alternative facts” from the White House, the growing resistance to its agenda of […]

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The Immigration Chronology Is Now Available Online

Today we’ve enhanced the website with the new edition’s “Immigration and the Law: A Chronology.” In addition to the material in the book, the web version has hyperlinks to the texts of the laws and court decisions. We can also update it as new legal issues arise, and we can make improvements and add material. […]

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Watch for Book Excerpts on the Blog

The second edition of The Politics of Immigration is due out in a couple of weeks, but we’ve started occasionally posting excerpts from the book which seem especially relevant to breaking news stories. The postings so far have dealt with “What Trump Doesn’t Get About MS-13” and the question “How Much Would Trump’s Wall Really […]

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The Politics of Immigration on Social Media

Immigration policy and politics can change quickly, and there’s no way a book can ever be completely up to date. Since 2007 we’ve maintained a blog providing links to important news and analysis pieces on immigration. We also occasionally include our own opinions and updates, along with schedules for interviews and immigration dialogues. This year […]

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